XENO, formerly known as Paranormal Group Asia started its business back in 2012 as a social media artiste & influencer marketing suite. In 2013, the organisation expanded into the talent management business, housing some of Malaysia's biggest names. Later that year, Paranormal also acquired a Production company to enhance its services to their clientele. 


The following year, XENO started its own recording company and went on to discovering and developing talents such as Elizabeth Tan & Ayda Jebat. 


XENO currently houses over 20 talents and representing more than 200 talents in Malaysia. Our talents range from Actors, Singers, Comedians, Hosts & Social Influencers.

In 2016, XENO started XENOLAND, a facility comprising of 2 video shoot studios with green screen facilities, a mobile stage, feature backgrounds and also an audio recording studio equipped for recording professional music & jingles.

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Since its establishment, XENO has been an award winning agency, both for its talents, and the music we produce on a national and also a regional level.

Malaysian Drama Fest

-2015 Drama Actress Of Choice  : Nelydia Senrose

-2015 Hero & Heroin Of Choice  : Nelydia Senrose (Heroin)

-2018 Hero & Heroin Of Choice : Ayda Jebat [Heroin]

Anugerah Planet Muzik

-2015 Best New Female Singer  : Elizabeth Tan

-2016 Best Singapore Song  : Haikal Ali

-2016 Most Popular APM Song  : Ayda Jebat

-2016 Most Popular AIM Artiste  : Ayda Jebat

-2016 Social Media Icon    : Ayda Jebat

-2017 Best Singaporean Song  : Senyum Saja

-2017 Best APM Song  : Senyum Saja

-2017 Best Collaboration Song  : Tanda Tanya

-2017 Social Media Icon  : Ayda Jebat
-2018 Best Malaysian Song : Mata

Anugerah Skrin

-2015 Best Actress (Drama)  : Sara Ali

Anugerah Meletop Era

-2015 Best New Artiste  : Ayda Jebat

-2015 Top Female Artiste  : Ayda Jebat

-2016 Best New Artiste  : Ayda Jebat

-2016 Top Song  : Siapa Diriku (Ayda Jebat)

-2016 Top Singer  : Ayda Jebat (Siapa Diriku)

-2016 Top Actress  : Ayda Jebat

-2017 Top Song  : Pencuri Hati (Ayda Jebat)

Anugerah Bintang Popular

-2016 Best New Female Artiste  : Ayda Jebat

-2016 Popular Trending Artiste  : Ayda Jebat

-2017 Gandingan Serasi Drama   : Ayda Jebat

Anugerah Melodi

-2015 Female Artiste Of Choice  : Ayda Jebat

-2016 Music Personality  : Ayda Jebat

-2016 Sensational Personality  : Ayda Jebat

-2016 Social Media Personality  : Ayda Jebat

Festival Filem Malaysia

-2014 Best Kid Actor   : Mia Sara Nasuha

-2015 Best Kid Actor  : Rykarl Iskandar

Influence Asia

-2015 Top YouTube Personality  : Elizabeth Tan

-2015 Top Beauty Influencer  : Charis Ow

-2017 Breakout Influencer    : Luqman Podolski

Anugerah Industri Muzik

-Best Group  : De Fam

-Top Ringtone Sales  : Elizabeth Tan

Malaysian English Top10 Awards

-2016 Best Female Artiste    : Elizabeth Tan

-2016 Best Song  : Supergirls (De Fam)

-2016 Best New Artiste  : De Fam

ERA Digital Music Awards

-2017 Best Interview Session  : Ayda Jebat

-2017 Most Promising Act    : Color Of Voices

MNET Music Awards

-2017 Best Asian Act (Singapore)   : Aisyah Aziz